Michigan Hockey Advancement Adds The Prospect Exchange to Provide Athlete Analysis

Added service will increase opportunities for virtual recruiting

(DETROIT, MICHIGAN – September 18, 2020) – The Michigan Hockey Advancement (MHA) program has announced an agreement with The Prospect Exchange (TPE) for the 2020-21 season. The agreement will provide MHA student-athletes access to virtual resources such as video breakdowns by shift and analytics.

“We’re ecstatic to add a platform like TPE for our players,” said Rick Gadwa, Total Package Hockey Director of Hockey-Operation & Programming in Detroit. “It’s a massive step for our program for player advancement and exposure. Michigan Hockey Advancement is focused on doing what’s best for our players. Giving our players the opportunity to take their exposure to another level and helping them through the process of advancement in getting to the next level is our main goal. Joining with TPE helps us accomplish that.”

Players will be able to build profile that will have their data. They will be able to send that data, along with videos to both college and junior coaches. All of this will be included in their current tuition as well. During a time when travel for some coaches and scouts may be difficult, this is an excellent opportunity for players to be seen.

“As a former junior coach, I have always thought that some of the best hidden gems came from Michigan high school hockey,” said John Becanic, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of TPE. “With the MHA including TPE as part of their program, hopefully we can help uncover some of these gems and bring them to the forefront. With the ability to connect and share their shift video directly with junior and college coaches, exposure will no longer be an issue for these players.”

As the game continues to change and evolve, MHA continues to lead in a rapidly changing environment. By including TPE, it shows the commitment MHA has to its players.

“The game itself is already fast changing and evolving, and now with the pandemic, it’s really changed things, said Gadwa. “It’s expedited virtual recruiting. This is just another step we’re taking to stay current and make sure we’re doing everything we can for our players.”

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The Prospect Exchange Joins the TPH Family

Total Package Hockey is pleased to announce that it has purchased majority ownership in The Prospect Exchange (TPE), a company founded to provide hockey players with exposure to a vast network of coaches and recruiters, through the use of cutting edge video and analytics.  In just over a year, The Prospect Exchange has become one of hockey’s most popular links for connecting players, coaches and recruiters, with a network that currently services thousands of players ages 14 -20.


“The vision of Total Package Hockey is to positively impact the lives of student-athletes through the game of hockey, and by purchasing majority ownership in The Prospect Exchange, we believe we are simply strengthening our commitment to that vision,” TPH CEO Nathan Bowen said.  “What John Becanic and his team have built in a short period of time has provided players with opportunities to be seen by coaches and scouts, at the click of a mouse, and has provided junior, college and professional organizations with the ability to evaluate a player without having to travel or spend exorbitant amounts of money to execute their scouting process.  For TPH to now become involved with TPE, from both an ownership and operations perspective, is a huge win for us as a hockey-service provider, and in time, will be a great benefit to our own student-athletes.”


In mentioning what “John Becanic and his team have built,” Bowen is referencing the efforts of TPE Co-Founders John Becanic and Michael Zucker.  Becanic, a veteran coach who manned benches at the Junior ‘A’ and Major Junior levels for over 30 years, founded his own consulting company, Pyramid Hockey, after retiring from coaching in 2016.  In 2018, Becanic and Zucker began building The Prospect Exchange with its official launch coming in September of 2019.  With a more than solid foundation under its feet, Becanic feels the time is right for The Prospect Exchange to take its next step, which in this case, means becoming part of the TPH family.


“TPH’s mission, vision and values align with The Prospect Exchange and that is the number one reason why we are here today,” Becanic said.  “As a coach, on a daily basis, I always preached the importance of getting better to my players.  Today’s announcement is simply an extension of that message.  By having The Prospect Exchange under TPH’s umbrella, we have the opportunity to not only continue doing what we have started, but work hand-in-hand with student-athletes in TPH’s twelve Centers of Excellence, as well as the two Tier I organizations TPH manages.  TPH is a growing company, with high-character leaders, a professional support team and infrastructure that will help TPE expand its reach and assist more players at climbing up the hockey ladder.”


Student-athletes who Study, Train and Play in TPH’s Center of Excellence model, as well as participate in various programs across TPH’s fifteen US-based divisions, will, in-time, have the opportunity to take full advantage of the cutting-edge resource that is The Prospect Exchange.  It is also important to note that The Prospect Exchange recently entered into a partnership with Hockey Tech, and its two biggest entities, Hockey TV and RinkNet.  This partnership further speaks to the quality, credibility and popularity of TPE.


In addition, Becanic, well-known across hockey circles for his ability to assist players in improving their hockey IQ through the use of video, will be a resource for TPH, it’s student-athletes, coaches and hockey development team.


“One of the main reasons why our company is where it is today is because we have been fortunate to align ourselves with terrific people,” Bowen added.  “John Becanic and Michael Zucker are just that- terrific people and outstanding hockey guys who had hustle, a pure vision and a genuine desire to help hockey players be scouted in an innovative, modern, cutting-edge manner, while saving families time and money.  We thank John and Michael for trusting us and we are thrilled to have The Prospect Exchange become a part of the TPH family.”