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A Hockey, Family, and Life-Changing



TPH International Tours aspires to create a short-term hockey, family, and life-changing experience for players from the TPH Academy, our partner associations, as well as select individuals from outside our ecosystem who will value our approach, one that is built on 3 pillars:

We get hockey, and we understand events. From a logistics standpoint, we’ve got you covered so all you have to do is play hockey and enjoy the experience... We handle the rest!

We will deliver clear expectations, both logistically and tactically, so players know where to be and when to be there. Much like the junior, collegiate, and professional levels, we will handle your travel accommodations. Ground travel, lodging, most meals, practice, and game scheduling are handled by the organizer.

For once, you and your family do not have to “think” about how to make all of this work. We will provide a detailed itinerary, so you can utilize breaks in the schedule to take full advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime international experience. Take the opportunity to see the sights and make memories on your own time!

We are focused on growth- both from a team and an individual level. This is achieved through hands-on coaching, our first-rate developmental approach, and the unique perspective gained through international competition.

Through years of experience, we have found that an appropriate level of on-ice structure maximizes the likelihood of team and individual success. This growth is achieved through:

  • Pre-tournament preparation meetings (both virtual and on-site)
  • Video analysis
  • Skills and game-focused practice
  • Exhibition games

We offer knowledge that can be retained and applied by the player on their personal hockey journey with the use of:

  • Video breakdown of all games
  • Pre-game preparation
  • Post-game debrief

This one-of-a-kind experience thrusts individuals into international situations that many of their peers may never experience. This exclusive experience assists in growth through:

  • Competing on foreign soil
  • Interacting in unfamiliar settings
  • Learning language barriers

This is achieved by creating opportunities for synergy both inside and outside of the locker room. Our goal here is to create an authentic feeling of a “team” as instantaneously as possible, so families are positioned to create life-long memories. This feeling comes along with:

  • 10 days together as a team and family
  • Multiple meals together
  • Experiencing world-class landmarks and destinations together


  • Preparation

    Pre-event Zoom call, team concept of play manual and event preparation materials distributed to all players.

  • Practice

    1 practice and 1 exhibition game scheduled overseas, in advance of tournament play.

  • Games

    Minimum of 5 tournament games plus playoffs.

  • Video Analysis

    Organized team meetings and video sessions.

  • Meals

    Breakfast and most lunches/dinners provided daily for players as part of their land package.

  • Lodging

    All lodging included, and booked at a 4 star hotel.

  • Transportation

    Ground transport provided at destination.

  • Tours

    Organized, guided tours of world class destinations in both the arrival and host cities.

  • Gear

    Jerseys, socks, pant shell and apparel are provided.

Hear What Last Year's Families Had to Say About the Experience

"Total Package Hockey provided a world class experience for both the player and family members during our trip to Chamonix, France for the World Selects Tournament. The process began well ahead of the event date with Coach scheduled zoom meetings and emails intended to address objectives and answer questions as well as to familiarize the group with each other."

- Michael Des Rosario, Parent of Zach

"While my son and I thoroughly enjoyed the Italian sights and culinary fare (to this day he reminisces about the gelato and European candy), his favorite aspect of the trip by far was meeting and getting to know his teammates. Since the kids were from other TPH locations and/or travel teams, I felt that they had a great respect for each other and the game itself. When it was time to play, they all got along really well, and when it was time to work, they all worked hard! They seemed to bond quickly over their shared love of hockey (and lawn soccer) and were supportive of each other as a result.

Most importantly, my son feels very strongly that the trip helped him develop his own game back home...He skated faster. He was more aggressive in his position.  He became a more reliable teammate.  All of these aspects are paying back dividends as he feels that the experience has helped him to be a more effective player on the ice.  We are very appreciative to the TPH coaching staff who definitely left a lasting impression on him."

- Melissa Ruiz, Parent of Carlos

"The trip was a 10/10! We didn't really have any expectations going into the trip. We just knew we could take a family vacation in Northern Italy, and our son would meet new kids and play hockey. Sounded like a perfect scenario!

[The trip] had the perfect amount of sight-seeing, hockey, and downtime for our family. It's our first vacation that we literally didn't have to think.  Everything was on cruise control and taken care of.  The tours were perfect. 

The emails and Zoom meetings leading up to the trip were very well done. Of course, it always helps when Jordan Pietrus will text you, or call you right back when you need something. That helped a ton, because we left feeling really comfortable (no anxiety) about the trip.  

I liked the focus from the coaches to make sure the kids professionally represented TPH, both on and off the ice.  Also liked the amount of time spent as a team off the building, film, lunch, etc.  Very happy with the coaching!

My son made friends that he stays on contact with. He's looking forward to playing against a few of them this year. "


- Michael Keen, Parent of Charlie



"Last year’s trip overseas to the WSI tournament in Mont Blanc was nothing short of amazing.

Everything was taken care of down to the smallest detail. The travel was smooth and booked efficiently. Our accommodations were beautiful, and the sightseeing tours spectacular. Our coaches held the players to a high standard of sportsmanship and professionalism. This trip not only helped my son grow as a hockey player, but also as a person. We wouldn’t hesitate to attend the WSI tournament again if given the chance! It was truly the trip of a lifetime!"

- Tiffany Richmond, Parent of Nolan

"The 2023 World Selects experience was phenomenal! Definitely something we would not think twice about doing again. From beginning to end the TPH team did fantastic job making the experience something our skater and our family would never forget. The connections and bonds we made with everyone across the TPH regions are like extended family. The educational and cultural experience was far better than we had hoped for. As a parent, watching our son skate and compete with kids from across Europe was a chance of a lifetime."

- David Garrett, Parent of Mason



2009 birth year

May 10-19, 2024



2010 birth year

April 26-May 5, 2024

Prague, CZE


2011 birth year

April 26-May 5, 2024

Chamonix, France


2012 birth year

April 19-28, 2024

Prague, CZE


2013 birth year

July 17-26, 2024

Paris, FRA