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TPH 3v3 and 4v4 leagues take place year round ranging from one day to multi-week. They consist of 4-6 teams per division with 6 skaters and 1 goalie on each team. Teams play cross-ice games with music playing over the loudspeaker! 3 on 3 in the off-season is a great way to relax and enjoy the game you love in a fun environment with your friends!

Our goal for our leagues is to provide the opportunity and platform for players to develop in the following ways:

  • Increase overall hockey intelligence through extended ice time and repetitions.

  • Gain confidence through play-making.

  • Improve overall skill-sets by "just playing" the game in a fun, unstructured, pure environment.


Participating in a Total Package Hockey Tournament exposes young hockey players to top-tier competition across the globe. We work with accomplished coaches and mentors to raise the bar of youth hockey tournaments, tours, and camps with some of the biggest events in the world.

We are focused on growth- both from a team and an individual level. This is achieved through hands-on coaching, our first-rate developmental approach, and the unique perspective gained through international competition.

  • learn from world-classes coaches and mentors

  • Opportunities to travel and compete in new territories

  • First class scouting opportunities


Looking to focus on your scoring, puckhandling, skating, or something different? Our camps cover it all from Skill Camps to Goal Scoring/Battle camps. Whether you are a forward, defenseman, or goalie, TPH Camps are a great way to focus on developing your individual skills and blending them together to become a more complete hockey player. TPH Camps range from 3-7 days in length and are offered for varying age groups and skill levels. TPH does not host camps in all of our locations, select your location to see what camps are available near you.

  • experienced coaching and quality repetitions

  • Detail oriented skill development training

  • POSITION-Specific training to take your skills to the next level


Through Domestic and International Tours such as the World Selects Invitational and OHL Cup, our objective is to participate in world-class international and domestic events designed to offer unique, high-level development, advancement, and life-changing hockey opportunities.

We approach these events hands-on, based on implementing an appropriate level of structure, creating opportunities for players to learn and grow their knowledge of the game, and building chemistry and camaraderie, so that our group takes on the look of a ‘team’ as quickly as possible. Our preparation, both logistically and tactically, will be detailed and diligent. The level of these events and the investment that will be made by the families who attend deserve nothing less.

  • High level development from Total Package Hockey Coaches

  • Growth through competing on foreign soil, interacting in unfamiliar settings, and learning language barriers

  • Create life-long friendships


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