#TPHTrained players featured throughout NHL team development camp rosters

Total Package Hockey is proud to congratulate all of our #TPHTrained players who have received invitations to 2019 NHL team development camps this summer.

Check out the ever-growing list of players who are attending camps either as drafted prospects or free-agent invites below.

Detroit Red Wings

Alec Regula – OHL Cup/8 Week Program

Drew DeRidder – CoE/8 Week Program

Robbie Beydoun – 8 Week Program

Columbus Blue Jackets

Patrick Khodorenko – 8 Week Program

Jake Veri – Detroit CoE/8 Week Program

Derek Daschke – 8 Week Program

Mike Underwood – 8 Week Program

New York Rangers

Hunter Skinner – CoE/8 Week Program/OHL Cup

Nolan Moyle – 8 Week Program

Dallas Stars

Tony Calderone – 8 Week Program

Joe Cecconi – 8 Week Program

Las Vegas Golden Knights
Wyatt Bongiovanni – 8 Week Program

L.A. Kings

Arthur Kaliyev – CoE

Edmonton Oilers

Skyler Brind’Amour – OHL Cup
Cooper Marody – 8 Week Program

Vancouver Canucks

Mitch Eliot – Thunder Hockey
Will Lockwood – 8 Week Program

Minnesota Wild

Nick Boka – 8 Week Program

Florida Panthers

Cole Krygier – CoE/8 Week Program

New York Islanders

Blade Jenkins – CoE/8 Week Program/OHL Cup

Bode Wilde – CoE

Christian Krygier – CoE/8 Week Program

Philadelphia Flyers

Will MacKinnon – CoE/8 Week Program

Ottawa Senators

John Gruden – 8 Week Program

Josh Norris – 8 Week Program

Winnipeg Jets

Logan Neaton – Michigan Hockey Advancement/8 Week Program

Nashville Predators

Josh Wilkins – Nashville Jr. Predators/OHL Cup

Dylan Moulton – Nashville Jr. Predators/Nashville CoE

Ben Schultheis – Nashville Jr. Predators/8 Week Program

Carolina Hurricanes

Griffin Luce – 8 Week Program

Toronto Maple Leafs

Nick Robertson – World Selects Invite

Boston Bruins

Cooper Zech – 8 Week Program

John Beecher – OHL Cup

Colorado Avalanche

Filips Buncis – Jr. Predators

Calgary Flames

Tommy Miller – 8 Week Program

Jerad Rosburg – 8 Week Program/Jr. Predators/OHL Cup





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