TPH Partners with Steelcase for Center of Excellence Solutions

(HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA – September 25, 2020) – Total Package Hockey (TPH) CEO Nathan Bowen has announced a partnership with Steelcase Inc. to furnish and design the layout Centers of Excellence nationwide. Steelcase has been providing furniture and designs to organizations across a wide variety of industries for over 105 years.

“Our growth has been so substantial on the academic side in particular that we felt we needed to align ourselves with an organization that could design and furnish our academic spaces,” said Bowen. “What we were looking for was a nationally-recognized company like Steelcase to create setups for us that can individualize and customize the learning experience.”

Not only does Steelcase supply proper furniture for the learning environments at TPH Centers of Excellence, but they also provide an individualized experience in evaluating what will work best for each location.

“Steelcase made a lot of recommendations on how we can layout our spaces better to serve our students,” said Bowen. “They have access to the methodology of what’s working in learning. They’ve already designed and furnished Centers of Excellence in Grand Rapids, Phoenix, St. Louis and Florida. Any time we open up a new Center of Excellence, Steelcase will evaluate the physical space and make recommendations on layout, paint colors, etc. Steelcase presented data and research about bright colors on accent walls making the environment more fun for learning. Now, we’re putting our TPH colors on accent walls at Centers of Excellence to help foster a better learning environment.”

With the partnership, Steelcase has provided TPH a kit of parts to choose from so that there is consistency throughout the organization. It’s consistent, but not the same everywhere. An important piece is that each Center of Excellence is customized to the needs of the students.

“We aligned ourselves with people that are way smarter than us and can bring solutions and ideas to us on how we can make a pretty good experience even better,” said Bowen. “That’s one of the things that attracted us to them is that they have so many different divisions that specialize in specific industries. It’s not just a warehouse sending us furniture and paint. It’s a customized kit of parts that TPH and Steelcase believe give our students the best chance to learn.”

As education continues to evolve, providing students with the best possible learning environment is key. Steelcase’s dedicated team in education design, which also includes St. Louis based partner Color Art and Detroit based partner NBS Commercial Interiors, will continue to help provide the necessary environments that enhance the learning experience.

“The quality of furniture is just fantastic, and for every Center of Excellence we furnish, we’re trying to provide minimally three to four different learning environments under one roof,” said Bowen. “I think that this partnership further illustrates our commitment to exceeding expectations.”

TPH is proud of the new partnership with Steelcase and the incredible enhancements they will bring to each Center of Excellence.

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