World Selects Trophy Press Release

TPH Partners with Hockey Leaders for World Selects Trophy

Stockholm, Sweden | World Hockey Group AB is excited to join forces with some of the biggest names in amateur hockey to deliver a one of a kind global showcase in the USA in May 2021. The World Selects Trophy will bring together players from 10 of the best  hockey-playing countries in the world for a six (6) day showcase in May.  


World Hockey Group along with SuperSeries LLC (Livingston, NJ), Draftday International (Toronto Canada), and Total Package Hockey (Nashville, TN & Huntsville, Alabama) are in the final vetting process for selection of a host city and expect to announce final details in the coming weeks. This year’s World Selects Trophy (formerly the World Selects Invitational) will feature the world’s top 15-year-old (2006 birth year) male hockey players.   The field of teams will be limited to only 40 teams with nearly 50% coming from Europe and Russia. 


Sergei Zak, CEO of World Hockey Group AB, when asked about the strategic partnership, said, “Each partner was chosen for their ability to attract top hockey talent and put on World Class events. All possess a strong passion for the game and are in alignment with our goal of giving athletes and families an experience they will never forget” 


World Hockey Group has already accepted commitments from teams in the USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and other nations. For more information on the event or to seek a possible invitation please send your inquiry to Sergei Zak at ​ 

Below is a partial list of international commitments: 

  • Sweden Selects (Sweden) 
  • CSKA (Moscow, Russia) 
  • SKA – Silver Lions (St. Petersburg, Russia) 
  • Ak Bars (Kazan, Russia) 
  • Dinamo (Minsk, Belarus) 
  • Ural Selects (Russia) 
  • Draftday Hockey (Toronto, Canada) 
  • Western Canada Selects (Canada) 
  • DHI (USA) 
  • NorthStar Elite (Boston, USA) 
  • ProHockey Development (Toronto, Canada) 
  • Bloodline Hockey (Philadelphia, USA) 
  • Prohorkins Selects (Russia) 
  • Alps Switzerland Selects (Southern Europe) 
  • Denmark Selects (Denmark) 
  • Latvian National Selects (Latvia) 
  • Exposure Hockey (USA) 
  • Norway Selects (Norway) 
  • Finland Selects (Finland) 

More information can be found at:–06-elite-boys

World Hockey Group – A worldwide provider of hockey events with primary offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Exeter, NH.    The founders are known globally for their creation of  world class hockey events such as the World Selects Invitational, Tretiak Cup, and Sweden Hockey Trophy. 

Draftday International Athletics – ​  Established in 1997 in Brantford, Ontario, Canada and has evolved into market leader in sport and sport tourism. DRAFTDAY is a professionally run and strategically structured full service Hockey Company providing programs, events and services for all levels and ages of players within the hockey community, both in North America and Europe. 

SuperSeries – Based in Livingston, New Jersey, SuperSeries is a leader in operating youth hockey tournaments and experiences. SuperSeries is known for its excellent service to the  families that attend their events such as the Boston Breakout, one of the largest youth hockey events in North America as well as elite spring and summer tournaments such as the Continental Clash as the Triple Crown. 

Total Package Hockey​   – ​Founded in 2001, Total package hockey positively impacts the lives of student-athletes through academics, mentorship, and athletics. With platforms that  include association management, elite prospects programs, tournaments and showcases, camps and clinics, and its hallmark Center of Excellence academy model, Total Package Hockey has assisted in the academic, athletic, and hockey development of over 600 players who have advanced to junior, collegiate and professional hockey.






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