Iceberg Sports Analytics and The Prospect Exchange form partnership

Iceberg Sports Analytics is a global leader providing enhanced hockey analytics and data collection through modern computer vision algorithms. This data is used to make better management decisions, enhance player development, improve the training process, guide player advancement and adjust strategy for game preparation. ICEBERG uses optical tracking technology along with activity recognition through advanced machine learning algorithms to transform video into raw numbers. The data is then aggregated and visualized for our clients in our user-friendly state of the art web portal that uncovers all the insights about the game, players, team and opponents.

The Prospect Exchange’s vision has always been twofold. First, was to provide increased exposure to young players in their efforts to advance in hockey. Second, was for all coaches to have a free & user-friendly platform that they could not only view a player, but communicate with them directly.

With the COVID pandemic, we have seen a major adjustment in how teams recruit and view prospective players. TPE has solidified itself as trusted and reliable resource for teams all over North America.

Bryan Deasley, ICEBERG’s VP for North America had this to say about the partnership: “The landscape of technology in hockey is ever changing and evolving. Coaches rely on ICEBERG to provide them with quick and relevant video/data to accelerate the development of their players. Once in our system ICEBERG players have access to their own shifts, data, metrics, statistics with the aligning video that can now be presented in the industry leading TPE portal. Being able to articulate their own game and communicate within the hockey vertical is a powerful tool for all aspiring hockey players and we are proud to partner with TPE to make this happen.”

John Becanic, TPE’s Co-founder & Managing Partner had this to say about the partnership: “This partnership and integration allows both companies to provide its current and future customers with the most complete video and analytics service out there. As we continue to grow, TPE powered by ICEBERG affords us the ability to explore new opportunities together. We are beyond excited to work with Bryan and his team.”

The two companies have begun the integration and are looking forward to releasing their joint product in early spring this year.






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