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Grand Rapids Construction Completed!

Wow, June is already here!  I hope everyone is enjoying their summers.  Players, I hope that while you are enjoying some down time, you are training hard for the upcoming season.

I am really excited to share this update with you all!  Have a look at the photos below.  We have completed the construction of the academic wing at our Center of Excellence at Southside Ice Arena here in Grand Rapids.  While we are currently in the process of furnishing and branding our academic setup, construction is complete and the space looks fantastic.

Once complete, the TPH-Grand Rapids CoE academic setup will feature 3-4 different learning spaces, allowing us to customize the learning experience and put each individual in an environment where he or she learns best.  The space will feature a traditional, rectangle-style classroom area, high top tables for active learners, comfortable chairs for students who learn best in a relaxed environment and independent study spaces for students who value quiet and privacy.  Individualizing and customizing the learning experience is the name of the game with the CoE model.  I know our Director of Academics Leah Sarnicola is super-excited to take charge of this space and foster a culture that promotes discipline, structure and most importantly, academic performance.

If you are interested in the Center of Excellence for the 2019-2020 school year, please feel free to reach out to me at any time and we can arrange a day and time to have a conversation either over the phone, or on-site at the CoE.  If you’re ready to take the first formal step towards securing your space at the CoE, please visit the link below to apply and reserve your spot.





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