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29 #TPHTrained Drafted or Tendered following NAHL Draft

The 2019 NAHL Draft took place on Tuesday, June 4th where we are proud to announce 10 #TPHTrained players were selected. In addition, 18 more #TPHTrained players have been tendered for the upcoming NAHL season to this point.


Draft Position – Player – Draft Team – TPH Program

No. 38 – Kyle Kawamura – Corpus Christi Ice Rays – Thunder AAA & 8-Week Program

No. 70 – Bobby Burns – Springfield Jr. Blues – Center of Excellence & 8-Week Program

No. 105 – Cannon Green – Maine Nordiques – Center of Excellence & OHL Cup

No. 161 – Owen Kelly – Corpus Christi Ice Rays – 8-Week Program

No. 171 – Ryan Sorkin – Shreveport Mudbugs – OHL Cup

No. 187 – Owen Michaels – Chippewa Steel – 8-Week Program

No. 223 – Josh Deluca – Shreveport Mudbugs – 8-Week Program

No. 230 – Riley Stuart – Johnstown Tomahawks – WSI

No. 308 – Michael Mercurio – Johnstown Tomahawks – OHL Cup


The #TPHTrained players to this point that have signed tenders going into the NAHL 2019-2020 season are:

Player – TPH Program

Billy Simms – Lonestar Brahmas – Center of Excellence & 8-Week Program

Brendan Murphy – Michigan Hockey Advancement

Bryce Kallen – Michigan Hockey Advancement

Carter Korpi – 8-Week Program & Michigan Hockey Advancement

Chuck Bay – Thunder AAA

Colin Kerchoff – 8-Week Program

Dalton Norris – Center of Excellence & 8-Week Program

Davis Goukler – Thunder AAA & 8-Week Program

Griffon Sanom – Center of Excellence, Michigan Hockey Advancement, & 8-Week Program

Hunter Longhi – WSI

Jack Hillman – Center of Excellence

Joe McCollum – Center of Excellence

John Druskinis – Michigan Hockey Advancement & OHL Cup

Mitch Morris – Michigan Hockey Advancement & 8-Week Program

Ryan Kerchoff – 8-Week Program

Ryan Waltman – Center of Excellence

Tim Erkkila – Michigan Hockey Advancement & 8-Week Program

Trent Grimshaw – Center of Excellence

Trevor Russell – Thunder AAA, OHL Cup & 8-Week Program


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