Kelly Moore - Headshot

Kelly Moore

Academic Success Coach  |   TPH

About Kelly Moore

Kelly is bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the TPH St. Louis staff. She is originally from St. Louis, but most recently has been working as a 6th and 8th-grade language arts teacher in Austin, Texas. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Truman State University and a Master’s degree in language and literacy from The University of Texas at Austin.

Kelly has over 10 years of experience working with students in an academic setting, including individual, small group, and whole class instruction. Her area of specialization is literacy, and she has done extensive curriculum development in this area, in addition to teaching. She is trained and experienced in the areas of classroom management, study skills, time management and organization tactics, and motivation and connection to students, all areas which will allow her to meet the needs of our student-athletes and help them to achieve success academically.

“What excites me about working for TPH is that I will have the opportunity to academically support and guide student-athletes who are incredibly passionate about their craft.” says Moore. “I hope to intrinsically inspire students to also take pride in their school accomplishments while fighting to reach their goals on the ice!”

We are excited to see the impact that Kelly will no doubt have on our students and their achievements in the classroom.


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