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TPH Releases Updated Stats

By Nichelle Simon, 12/16/17, 10:30AM CST


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TPH Sets its Course

Energized by its track record of advancement, Total Package Hockey looks ahead to the future. 


For 16 years, Total Package Hockey has operated with one goal in mind: to make the greatest possible impact on each and every student-athlete willing to invest the time and work.  President and Managing Partner Nathan Bowen, along with the rest of the TPH team renewed their commitment to that mission this past summer, setting a course for TPH that he hopes will guide the company for the next 16 years and beyond. 

“The mission of Total Package hockey is to positively impact the lives of our student-athletes through the game of hockey,” Bowen said.  “We feel a responsibility to teach our athletes the skills they need to be successful not just on the ice, but off the ice as well.  However, we just don’t say those words, we live them every day.  Simply put, we want to help as many players as possible advance in the game of hockey and the game of life.”

Advancement is something Bowen and Total Package Hockey have always taken pride in.  TPH has helped over 600 individual players develop and advance to the junior, collegiate and professional levels.  Platforms such as elite prospects programs, camps and clinics, tournament and showcase teams, and TPH-operated Tier II and Tier III junior programs have helped pave the way for its student-athletes to reach their goals. 

But in recent years, no TPH program has produced more players for the next level than the Center of Excellence. 

Launched in 2013, the TPH Center of Excellence is a focused environment where dedicated student-athletes learn to study, train and play to their fullest potential.  This unique platform combines hockey with academics and brings together likeminded individuals who possess a desire to learn what it means to be elite, not just on the ice, but beyond. 

“The CoE is basically an elite student-athlete factory, a warehouse, where we work to produce well-rounded athletes and people,” TPH Director of Player Development, Managing Partner and Detroit Center of Excellence Director of Hockey Brandon Naurato said.  “It’s all about the development of hockey skills, athletic skills and life skills.  The only thing more gratifying than seeing our kids get better is watching them move up.”

Up has been a trend for the still-relatively-young COE model located in Detroit, Indianapolis, Nashville and Atlanta.  30 COE student-athletes have received NCAA Division I commitments to programs such as Harvard, the University of Michigan, The Ohio State University, Denver University and the University of Wisconsin. 37 (32 drafted, 5 tendered) COE-trained student-athletes have been drafted in the USHL, while 5 have played for the USA Hockey National Team Development Program that competes internationally and in the USHL.  Furthermore, 22 have been selected in the Ontario Hockey League draft.  Additionally, 18 CoE student-athletes have been drafted or tendered in the North American Hockey League. 

“We have been so fortunate over the years to be able to provide families with elite world class coaches thru our AAA organizations, led by long-time TPH Coaches Keith Rowe, Chris Lipsett and Iain Fraser.  Furthermore, our elite coaches and instructors across the board that support, our summer 8-week training programs camps and clinics, along with other long-term development programs are focused on just that, the long term plan.  TPH Director of Player Development, Brandon Naurato, sees the game at the highest level, sees things most people don’t, can effectively communicate and teach what he sees to players that want to learn and then turns around and implements it into our curriculum that our athletes then train within daily at the CoE’s.  These are skills that translate into game situations and have been proven to produce results, which is evident by the number of players in the NHL that trust us each summer to help them compete and increase their success in the top league in the world” stated Bowen.


Werenski w Nar

TPH Director of Player Development Brandon Naurato Working with 
Columbus Blue Jackets Star Defenseman Zach Werenski who currently 
leads the NHL in Goals by Defensemen


“We also continue to grow our army of world class coaches and hockey professionals.  The addition of Francis Anzalone points to this commitment, with head and assistant coaching, scouting and recruiting experience in the USHL and NAHL.  Similarly, former USHL Head Coach Jimmy McGroarty does a phenomenal job mentoring, developing and helping our students in Detroit and throughout TPH advance.  Both Francis and Jimmy bring a deep network at the professional, college and junior hockey levels, which benefit all TPH Student-Athletes.”

While advancement is a priority for TPH, and has certainly been a trend, TPH-trained student-athletes tend to find their way back to TPH programs, even after reaching their goals.  Bowen prides himself on TPH’s ability not just to recruit, but to retain and grow from within. 

“At the end of the day, we are nowhere without the character and dedication of our coaches, team managers, student-athletes and their families,” Bowen said.  “Their passion is what fuels everyone in TPH.  We’ve tried to set a bar, and we know the drive and determination of the student-athletes we work with now as well as those we will welcome into our family in the future, will continue to raise that bar higher for years to come.” 

Bowen points out that over 90% of all student-athletes who participate in training programs minimally for 8-weeks or longer with TPH, advance to or are playing at the highest levels of junior, college and pro.  This statistic motivates TPH to continue to search for ways to improve its product, grow its brand and exceed the expectations of players, parents, coaches and the entire hockey world.

“Relationships and family have always been key to TPH,” Bowen commented.  “All of our coaches at Total Package Hockey have a very deep passion to mentor and build positive personal relationships with our athletes and their families.  We seek to grow each student-athlete and always want to be a resource for them to call upon, even after they have graduated up.  It’s pretty cool to also now help our alum that are young adults, retired from the professional, collegiate, junior or youth competitive game and helping them find jobs or build their professional network, it’s what we have always been about and why we do what we do.  You could say this has been our identity for 16 years and this will always be to our core.”

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ABOUT Total Package Hockey

Founded in 2001, Total Package Hockey seeks to become the world leader in positively impacting the lives of student-athletes through the game of hockey.  Through academics, mentorship and athletics, TPH prides itself on operating at a standard that exceeds expectations of players, families, coaches, advisors and all other entities of the hockey world.  With platforms that include Centers of Excellence, elite prospects programs, camps and clinics, tournaments and showcases, association management, Tier II and Tier III Junior teams and video analysis, Total Package Hockey has helped over 600 players advance to pro, collegiate and junior hockey.  Total Package Hockey’s team of world-class coaches believes that if each individual develops as a student, athlete and person, he or she will be better prepared to advance to the highest levels of junior, collegiate and professional hockey, while learning the skills necessary for success in the ultimate game: the game of life.  To learn more about TPH, visit