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GELSTX Official Partner of TPH

By TPH Staff, 06/13/19, 1:00PM CDT


Total Package Hockey is excited to announce GELSTX, LLC, as an Official Partner.


Since coming to market in May of 2018, GELSTX has amassed a remarkable roster of teams and players at the highest levels who incorporate GELSTX into their daily training regiments. GELSTX clients include 8 NHL Organizations, 30 NCAA Collegiate Hockey Programs, The USHL, and both the U18’s and U17’s of the United States National Development Team Program (USNTDP).


Total Package Hockey is always looking to provide the best tools of development for their players to reach their goals and plans on utilizing the GELSTX products within their Center of Excellence program to start. Additionally, this partnership provides all members of the TPH family to receive 5% off their total purchase at with the promotional code “TPH”.


“Every player has unique training needs and it is important that we can provide tools that can support their development. We are excited to partner with GELSTX and get their products in our players hands” said Nathan Bowen, Total Package Hockey CEO.


Matt Larke, TPH Detroit Player Development Coach, has already had the opportunity to try the GELSTX product. “This is a game changer! The fact that you can get your own specs made, the exact curve, flex and kick-point, can truly give a player quality repetitions without sacrificing the players foundational mechanics” said Larke. “I am excited to see the results of our students here at TPH and myself as well!”


“We’re thrilled to partner with the TPH family and bring GELSTX to the players underneath their umbrella,” said Jason Silver, GELSTX Chief Executive Officer. “In formulating the partnership, it was evident throughout that the leadership of TPH is committed to exposing their players to the best possible training tools and platforms, in efforts to aid in their advancement to the next level. We’re excited to be a part of the fabric TPH and look forward to the times ahead together.”




GELSTX, LLC, operated as GELSTX, utilizes the same molds and models of high end carbon fiber hockey sticks, and injects a patented Gel Polymer (StickGel) throughout the shaft, creating an evenly balanced weighted training aid stick, without sacrificing the integrity of the sticks flex, kick point, and profile. GELSTX are built to the individual players specifications (curve pattern, flex, lie), as well as having many of the standard SKU’s of stock patterns. GELSTX are used both on and off the ice, aiding in the development of skills including, but not limited to; shooting, stick handling, and passing, while simultaneously aiding in the maturity of the athletes’ hockey specific muscles. Additionally, GELSTX are incorporated into the rehabilitative regiment of players coming off hand, wrist, shoulder, and upper body injuries.


As players and consumers are increasingly focused on becoming, or supporting the maturation of highly skilled athletes, they desire a product line that will enable them to differentiate themselves from their opponents and need to do it in a seamless way that doesn’t lose efficiency. The GELSTX product is a training tool that allows the athlete to perform the same hockey specific motions on and off the ice as they would with their regular stick. Combining an even weight distribution that is 2.5 times the weight of their regular stick and having the ability to maintain the integrity of the sticks flex, kick point, and individual specifications is perfect for any player looking to strengthen their shooting, improve their passing and stick handling, and become more confident with the puck on their stick. 


Weighted training aids in hockey have in the past required one of two tradeoffs until the GELSTX product.  First, fully weighted sticks have been designed with materials such as metal that compromise the physical make up and integrity of a hockey stick that GELSTX provides.  For instance, a weighted metal stick does not have any flex, kick point, profile or curve pattern. Nor does it have the same material of a player’s game stick. Second, training aids have been external add-ons to players current sticks (bottom heavy uneven weight at the bottom hozzle of the stick.).  This results in an uneven distribution of weight across the stick, ruins the integrity of the stick in the weighted areas, and results in bad habits.  GELSTX offers a stick that incorporates evenly distributed weight throughout, and maintains the integrity of the flex, kick point, and curve specifications. Further, using GELSTX allows the player to break down the mechanics of their shot, pass, and stick handling skills, so that muscle memory is stimulated and increased, hockey specific muscles are strengthened, and the player increases efficiency when they switch back to their lighter playing stick.

GELSTX Official Partner of TPH