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TPH USHL Draft 2016

TPH (Total Package Hockey)-trained players were well-represented at the 2016 USHL Draft, with 32 total players, including 10 who attend the TPH Center of Excellence, drafted to the top junior league in the U.S.

“We are extremely proud of all the TPH-trained players that were selected in the USHL Draft this past week,” said TPH Detroit Director of Hockey Operations Brandon Naurato. “This is a time for all of them to enjoy the day and the workload that went into the opportunity in front of them. Understanding that this is only the first step will help all of our players enjoy the moment and continue on their path to earning a spot on a USHL roster in the future.”

A total of 16 TPH-trained players were selected in the first phase of the USHL Draft, with TPH CoE student Christian Krygier leading the way via a first round tender to the Lincoln Stars.

In the second round, TPH MHA Top 80 standout Alec Regula was selected by the Chicago Steel and TPH CoE student Caleb Everett was selected by the Muskgeon Lumberjacks. Youth Olympic Games gold medalist Drew DeRidder was taken by Cedar Rapids in the third round, while the fourth round featured fellow CoE classmates Mathieu De St. Phalle (Sioux City), Xan Gurney (Chicago) and Chalse Pletzke (Green Bay).

To round out the first phase of the draft, three more TPH CoE athletes were selected, including Cole Krygier (Lincoln), Jeremy Davidson (Bloomington) and Donny Borgula (Muskegon).

Other TPH-trained athletes who were drafted in both phases included players from the MHA program, the TPH OHL Cup team, the TPH Thunder AAA team, and the TPH 8-Week Program.

“Having been to TPH it is clear to see that the coaches and staff are fully committed to the development of not only the player but also the person,” USHL Director of Player Development & Recruitment Doug Christenson said. “TPH provides players with the opportunity to work on their game on and off the ice. TPH has produced quality players in our league and beyond. It will be exciting to see the next wave of TPH talent.”

TPH and its programs have been praised for building an environment that helps athletes grow into well-rounded players and people both on and off the ice. The TPH CoE, an elite training program that features a unique hybrid of academics and athletics, provides players with the opportunity to develop a complete hockey lifestyle.

“The USHL the top league in the world for producing student-athletes. These young men don’t only learn to be students of the game, they also are successful in the classroom,” said Jim McGroarty, who spent eight years as head coach/GM of the USHL’s Lincoln Stars. “In the USHL, you really learn time management which is a very important skill for any adult in their future. An average day for any player is a grind, the USHL is men only league. You have to have an elite mindset on and off the ice to be able to have success.

“What I love about being able to work with student-athletes at the TPH CoE, is very similar to my tenure in the USHL, these kids have a love, a compete and a passion for the game. It’s great to see where each player is at when they come to TPH, then to see the improvement in their overall game. It is unbelievable. With the success the kids are having at CoE, as well as their achievements on the ice it is very rewarding not only for all the players but also for our staff. It is great to see our players, selected for the NTDP, OHL, USHL drafts, as well as college commits ,and watching them win the Youth Olympic Gold Medal was fun. ust to think that TPH has only been in existence for two year – the sky’s the limit. It’s great to see all the hard work these your athletes are putting into the game they truly love and getting rewarded.“

Total Package Hockey is one of the largest hockey service providers in the country, offering youth and adult programs from Detroit to Atlanta. TPH provides programs, which are staffed by highly qualified elite hockey coaches and professionals, to more than 4,000 players each year. With programs in 18 total U.S. cities, including teams in the NA3HL and T1EHL, TPH specializes in skill-based player development and has a track record of moving players to junior, college and professional hockey.

Full list of TPH Trained Players taken in 2016 USHL Draft:

Final List for USHL Draft Phase 1:
1. Christian Krygier – TPH CoE/Little Caesars U16/ 1st Round Tender to Lincoln Stars
2. Alec Regula – TPH MHA Top 80 Program / TPH OHL Cup Team/Cranbrook High School/ 2nd Round Pick to Chicago Steel
3. Caleb Everett – TPH CoE/Honeybaked U16/  2nd Round Pick to Muskegon LumberJacks
4. Drew Deridder – TPH CoE/Oakland Jr. Grizzlies U16/ 3rd Round Pick to Cedar Rapids Roughriders
5. Mathieu De St. Phalle- TPH CoE/Chicago Mission U16/ 4th Round to Sioux City Musketeer
6. Xan Gurney – TPH CoE/Little Caesars U16/ 4th Round to Chicago Stee
7. Ben Shultheis-TPH Thunder AAA Team/OHL Cup/ 4th Round to Green Bay Gambler
8. Chase Pletzke – TPH CoE/Oakland Jr. Grizzlies U16/ 4th Round to Green Bay Gambler
9. Matt Staudacher – TPH 8 Week Summer Program/Shattuck St. Mary’s/ 5th Round to Muskegon LumberJack
10. Cole Krygier – TPH CoE/Little Caesars U16/ 5th Round to Lincoln Star
11. Jeremy Davidson-TPH CoE/Shattuck St. Mary’s/ 5th Round to Bloomington Thunde
12. Cannon Green – OHL Cup/Oakland Jr. Grizzlies U16/ 5th Round to Cedar Rapids Roughrider
13. Hunter Carrick-TPH OHL Cup/Oakland Grizlies U16/ 6th Round to Madison Capital
14. Valentino Passarelli- TPH Thunder Alum /Honeybaked U16/ 7th Round to Fargo Force
15. Donny Borgula- TPH CoE/Little Caesars U16/ 8th Round to Muskegon LumberJacks
16. Hunter Nofs – TPH OHL Cup/Oakland Jr. Grizzlies U15/ 1oth Round to Tri-City Storm
Final List for USHL Draft Phase 2:
1.Matt Jennings- TPH Thunder/ 8 Week Program/Minot (NAHL) /3rd round  to Green Bay Gamblers)
2.Jay Powell-  TPH Thunder/ West Minster Prep /6th round pick to Chicago Steel
3.Nick Rosa- MHA/ 8 Week Program/ Wichita Falls (NAHL)/ 7th Round to Sioux City Musketeers
4.Johnathan Mcdonald- MHA/Ojg U18/ 8th Round to Fargo Force
5. Brendan Rons- 8 Week Program/ OJG U18/ 9th Round to Omaha
6.Paul Cotter- 8 Week Program/ Little Caesars U16/ 9th Round to Lincoln Stars
7. Cooper Zech- 8 Week Program/ Odessa (NAHL)/ 10th Round to Bloomington Thunder
8.CJ Boothe- TPH Thunder/ Fairbanks (NAHL) /11th round pick to Tri-City Storm
9.Ben Schmidling-  TPH Thunder/ Prospects/ York SkipJacks U18 /12th round pick to Omaha Lancers
10. Josh Maine- MHA/ Orchard Lake St. Mary’s/ 13th Round to Omaha Lancers
11.Andrew Sinard- TPH Thunder/ 16th Round to Cedar Rapids Roughriders
12. Nick Bowman- MHA/ Brother Rice HS/ 18th Round to Cedar Rapids Roughriders
13. Sammy Nardicchio/ TPH CoE Alum/ 8 Week Program/ Islanders Hockey Club (USPHL)/ 19th Round to Tri-City Storm
14. Tyler Johnson-TPH Thunder/OHL Cup/ Topeka (NAHL) /20th round pick to Muskegon LumberJacks
15. Nick Grimaldi/ 8 Week Program/ Victory Honda U16/ 20th Round to Tri-City Storm
16. Jake Transit/ TPH CoE/ Honeybaked U16/ 20th Round to Bloomington Thunder





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