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TPH Trained Athletes Compete at Nationals

Every year thousands of elite hockey players compete at various sites across the United States to battle for one of amateurs hockey’s highest honors: a USA National Hockey Championship. Alongside those numerous players, TPH is honored to share that multiple Center of Excellence (CoE) student-athletes took part in competing at Nationals. TPH Colorado’s Brett Baugh and Mason Rudrud punched their ticket to the 2021 USA Hockey Youth Tier I 16U National Championships with their respective Colorado Thunderbirds team.


The athletes who attend Nationals have a lot to be proud of as it is a selective event. Being able to be a part of this journey is every player’s dream and this year twelve different states were represented by championship teams. These athletes competed for American hockey top honors in Youth Tier I 14-18U, Youth Tier II 14-18U, Girls Tier I 14-19U, Girls Tier II 14-19U, high school and adult levels.


These matchups begin with a total of 16 teams, comprised of one team representing the host, one team from each USA Hockey District sending a team, and at-large teams selected by a Nationals Selection Committee. In February, the Thunderbirds swept the Colorado State Playoffs to capture their 15th State Championship title defeating the Colorado Springs Tigers 11-1, Colorado Rampage 5-0, Rocky Mountain RoughRiders 3-1 and sealing the championship in their second game against the Rocky Mountain RoughRiders 5-1. Since then, the Thunderbirds have continued their momentum to the Nationals where they advanced to the round robin, quarter-finals and semifinals.


“Playing against the best in the country just meant that every game was going to be good” shared Baugh. “It kept us on our feet and there was an adrenaline rush. I loved it. The entire experience of Nationals was amazing. Just knowing that we belonged there with the top 16 teams in the nation, and you’re there with your brothers that you have been battling with all year was everything. There is nowhere else you’d rather be.”


“It is very exciting to watch our TPH athletes continue to improve day after day. Their work ethic and attitudes throughout another challenging season are truly a testament to them as young people. A year-end trip to nationals is the goal for every group in the nation; our student-athletes earned that privilege through constant focus and a relentless pursuit of development every day. We as staff could not be more proud of them as student-athletes, but more importantly, the people they are becoming,” noted Jay Sprague, Director of Hockey–Operations TPH Denver.


“Nationals was a cool experience and being able to make it there with the team was a huge deal. It was a great environment, and I was excited to be there. Plus being at TPH Colorado helped a lot going into Nationals as Brett and I were better prepared mentally and physically. We had a specific workout and skating schedule that paid off and helped us be as fresh as we could be when we arrived and ready to play,” said Mason Rudrud.


Baugh and Rudrud were not the only TPH student-athletes to make it to Nationals. Ethan McEneany from the Thunderbirds U14 team made an appearance as well.


“It was awesome to see Ethan experience success and help his team reach the National tournament. All his classmates were rooting for him, even those who played on opposing teams during the year. It was great seeing the camaraderie amongst the group that TPH helps foster,” stated Matt Doman, Director of Hockey-Operations TPH Superior.


TPH is proud of all our student-athletes that took part in Nationals and we are excited to continue to help our athletes achieve their goals through developing their skills and utilizing the CoE platform to be ready to excel at every opportunity they encounter. Below is the list of all our TPH Center of Excellence current and alumni student-athletes that attended the 2021 USA Hockey National Championships.

FirstLastBirth YearCurrent TeamDivision
LukeBackel2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
EshanBarha2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
JamieBarkume2002Maine Nordiques18U AAA
CarsonBarnes2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
BrettBaugh2004Colorado Thunderbirds16U AAA
TrentBoryszczuk2004Honeybaked16U AAA
NicholasBurke2004Oakland Jr Grizzlies16U AAA
AidenButler2003Fox Motors18U AA
TommyChunchukov2003Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
GarrettConner2002Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
BraydenCook2003Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
BoCosman2003Rocky Mountain RoughRider18U AAA
BrianCraven2002Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
AustinCyhaniuk2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
Chase Davis2003Rocky Mountain RoughRider18U AAA
LucasDiChiara2004Fox Motors16U AAA
CarsonDorfman2003Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
BenEdward2002Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
LukeEllis2003Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
KalEssenmacher2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
TrevorFaucher2003Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
PeterForgione2004Oakland Jr Grizzlies16U AAA
SamFrandina2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
EthanFredericks2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
YusufGendergunoev2003Pittsburgh Penguins Elite 18U18U AAA
ConnorGengle2005Compuware15U AAA
GeorgeGoodwin2003Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
JosephGouveia2002Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
MilesHarrington2002Maine Nordiques18U AAA
EricHudec2003Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
TylerHughes2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
KaiJanviriya2005Compuware15U AAA
DmitriJefferson2005North Jersey Avalanche14U AAA
MaxJelavic2004Green Bay Jr. Gamblers16U AAA
JeffJentzCoachLittleton Hawks16U AA
Chase Kaplan 2006Jr. Coyotes 14U AA
JaredKaplowitz2002Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
ChristianKim2005Anaheim Jr. Ducks16U AAA
ColeKnuble2004Fox Motors16U AAA
BenjaminLacey2003Clearwater Ice Storm18U AA
AndrewLaHaie2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
CadenLemoine2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
CannonLentz2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
NoahLepzinski2004Fox Motors16U AAA
NathanLewis2004North Jersey Avalanche16U AAA
DanielMacleish2005Compuware15U AAA
KadeMaddock2003Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
MarnieMcClain2005Florida Alliance Girls16U AA
KadeMcConaghy2003Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
EthanMcEneany2006Colorado Thunderbirds14U AAA
ConnorMcNaughton2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
RyanMitchell2006Colorado Thunderbirds14U AAA
RobbyMurray2002Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
HudsonNadasdi2002Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
HaydenNichol2003Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
FosterNichol2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
GarrettParker2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
ZacharyPeller2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
RemyPusateri2006Colorado Thunderbirds14UAAA
EthanRoberts2002Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
ColinRoberts2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
BradenRourke2004Oakland Jr Grizzlies16U AAA
MasonRudrud2004Colorado Thunderbirds16U AAA
LoganSadler2002Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
LandrySchmuck2003Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
WillsSeagrave2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
CaiaShannon2006Florida Alliance Girls14U AA
CamdenShasby2004Fox Motors16U AAA
JackStolicker2003Maine Nordiques18U AAA
RoccoStolz2004Oakland Jr Grizzlies16U AAA
Connie Streeter2006Kachinas 14U AA
MaddenSundquist2004Littleton Hawks16U AA
ChanceUzzell2004Seacoast Performance Academy16U AAA
LemuelVardy2003Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
ParksWallace2002Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
TannerWatkins2002Nashville Jr Predators18U AAA
OwenWest2004Honeybaked16U AAA
BrandonWicker2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA
LukasWild2006Colorado Thunderbirds14U AAA
BrandonWolfenbarger2004Nashville Jr Predators16U AAA





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