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TPH Announces True Campus-Style Setup in Bloomfield

Total Package Hockey is pleased to announce that it will relocate its Detroit Center of Excellence to a state-of-the-art campus-style setup in Bloomfield Township, MI, for the 2018-2019 school year and beyond.  TPH’s Bloomfield campus includes permanent, secure classroom space within the Bloomfield Tennis and Fitness Club, a partnership with 2SP Sports Performance, which is also housed inside the Bloomfield Tennis and Fitness Club, and ample ice time at the adjacent Detroit Skating Club.

TPH Chief Executive Officer Nathan Bowen calls this relocation “a long-term commitment” to the company’s mission, vision and values, which center around exceeding expectations of student-athletes, families and the entire hockey world.

“The goal of Total Package Hockey is to positively impact the lives of student-athletes, one choice at a time,” Bowen said.  “The choice to house our Detroit Center of Excellence in Bloomfield Township is one that will allow us to develop each and every student-athlete to his or her athletic, academic and life potential.  Strong partnerships with quality, like-minded people who share our vision, among them, developer Steve Mazur, owner of Bloomfield Tennis and Fitness, Jerod Swallow, Managing Director of the Detroit Skating Club and Joe Neal, Owner of 2SP Sports Performance.  This partnership has allowed us to expand our space, resources and environment to make the greatest possible impact on our student-athletes.”

The motto of TPH’s Center of Excellence is study, train, play.  The study, or academic component, will occur in a roughly 4,000 square foot learning space, capable of housing up to 75 students.  Featuring a large classroom, separate independent study areas, a dining/common area and staff offices, students will be afforded the opportunity to study in different learning environments, tailored specifically to each individual.

“The CoE academic model is about creating a selective learning environment where student-athletes can balance their studies with the demands of being an aspiring, elite athlete,” said Bill Simms, Chief Academic Officer for TPH.  “The space in Bloomfield Township gives us the ability to be strategic in designing work spaces that meet individual needs, while fostering a disciplined, structured atmosphere that all students must have in order to be successful, not just in the classroom, but in the real world.”

Accommodating 75 students is just the beginning.  TPH and its Bloomfield campus partners have already entered into plans to build a 9,500 square foot field house for the 2019-2020 school year.  This addition will accommodate in excess of 300 student-athletes, and allows TPH to expand its CoE model to multiple sports, including figure skating, tennis, lacrosse, soccer, and baseball.

Steve Mazur, believes this campus-style setup will unite a variety of shared visions- visions that extend far beyond hockey.

“Our goal is turn the entire Bloomfield Township campus into a training ground for athletes at all levels.  Linking the Detroit Skating Club’s reputation for developing world-class Olympic figure skaters, with the athletic opportunities provided in the tennis club, and now, TPH’s track record of training future junior, collegiate and professional hockey players, the opportunities for impact are endless,” Mazur said.  “2018 is only the beginning in our quest to make this campus the go-to training destination for the very best athletes in the metro Detroit area and beyond.”

Detroit Skating Club Managing Director Jerod Swallow echoes Mazur’s sentiments.

“The Detroit Skating Club is very pleased to be providing training time for Total Package Hockey at our club beginning fall 2018,” Swallow said.  “We share a common mission for youth sports development, to provide safe and healthy training environments for developing athletes.  We feel this relationship with TPH strengthens our goal to further develop our sports campus in Bloomfield Township.  TPH is bringing impactful resources to the campus through their CoE academic model and hockey skills training methods.  Their presence on the campus is an enhancement to the athletes’ experience.”

Brandon Naurato wears the dual hat of Director of Hockey for the Detroit CoE and Director of Player Development for all of TPH.  He is the person most responsible for the train and play components of the Center of Excellence.  The Detroit native is quick to point out that while hockey has always been TPH’s game, the CoE model has far-reaching possibilities.

“While we certainly take pride in the hockey knowledge and hockey reach of TPH, we have a strong desire to take our core values and beliefs and expand to multiple sports,” Naurato said.  “Now that we are in Bloomfield Township, we have the setup and capabilities to teach all athletes, not just hockey players, how to study, how to train and how to play.  Bloomfield will truly be an all-encompassing academic and athletic learning factory.”

Strength, speed and overall athleticism are the hallmarks of what Naurato calls “The TPH Hockey Athlete.”  The fact is, these qualities are necessary in just about every sport.  Joe Neal, Owner of 2SP Sports Performance will lead Center of Excellence attendees in developing the athletic skills they need to be successful in competition.  Neal’s 2SP group has been training the student-athletes at TPH’s CoE in Hazel Park.  He looks forward to enhancing the partnership with TPH and hopes to be a major factor in the recruitment and retention of student-athletes to the Bloomfield campus.

“Through working with TPH over the last two years, it is clear that they are leading the development of youth players not only in the Detroit area, but across the country,” Neal said.  “Their push to be that leader helps to drive our training innovations, and we look forward to being a part of that development through year round training programs.”

While Total Package Hockey and its partners on this project are excited about the amenities it will collectively offer, Bowen says, “cosmetics without culture is a failed investment,” and the commitment being made by today’s announcement runs much deeper.

“Whether it’s relocating or opening a new a Center of Excellence, starting a learn to play hockey program, or crafting the vision to expand our reach to other sports, Total Package Hockey will always be about people and relationships.  What’s most gratifying for TPH is to be working alongside such great partners who share in our desire to become world-leaders.  Student-athletes go where they believe will develop and improve the most.  We are confident that the collective efforts of everyone involved in today’s announcement will once and for all, make the TPH Center of Excellence the destination for the most dedicated student-athletes to study, train and play to their fullest potential.”

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