TPH Announces Launch of Cutting Edge Hockey IQ Service

TPH is proud to announce the launch of TPH IQ – hockey IQ development for the aspiring elite hockey player!  The game today is faster and more sophisticated than ever, and TPH believes it is our responsibility to not only train our player to be great with the puck, but also without the puck!  In partnership with The Prospect Exchange, TPH’s professional network of coaches will be providing hockey IQ development for hockey players nationwide, through shift video breakdown and statistical analysis.

TPH IQ will focus on 3 main things: patterns, pressure, and position. Our coaches will help you recognize patterns and ques while watching your film.  They will also talk about how to read pressure and make quicker, more educated decisions based on that pressure.  Finally, your coach will talk to you about your position and how you can be more effective in your position on your team.

“TPH is always striving to be on the cutting edge of player development.  That is why we partnered with The Prospect Exchange (TPE) last summer and that is why TPH IQ was born”, stated TPH CEO Nathan Bowen.  “John Becanic’s years of coaching experience, innovation, and leadership has played a critical role in helping us launch this for our players nationwide.  We will continue to rely on John’s expertise and experience in developing smarter and more effective players at TPH across the country.  All student-athletes at the TPH Center of Excellence will get TPH IQ training now, taking our development to the next level.”

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“Sitting down with my coach for an IQ session helped me identify some small details that I could improve with my positional play.  It also helped gain confidence in my game.” – TPH CoE 10th Grade Student-Athlete

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“The Prospect Exchange is delighted to partner with TPH in this venture. TPE’s primary goal has always been to provide increased exposure for student-athletes and directly connect them with coaches at the next level. With technology becoming a daily part of a player’s development, our platform in collaboration with TPH coaches became a natural solution”, states John Becanic, co-founder of TPE.

“As a coach who is passionate about hockey IQ, the implementation of this program excites me knowing the increased development each TPH Center of Excellence student-athlete will receive. Using The 4 Components of Hockey as the foundation of this development, TPH’s coaches will be able provide each player with detailed and specific areas of improvement with and without the puck”.

How does the program work?

  1. Players can sign up for a 3 or 5 game TPH IQ package with a coach of their choosing.
  2. Go to and create a profile, if they don’t already have one.
  3. Upload your game video. It’s best to choose a game with good video quality where the player was involved and it wasn’t a blowout one way or the other.  Uploading game film is easy on TPE, here’s HOW.
  4. Schedule your TPH IQ session with your coach.
  5. Sit with your coach, review your statistical analysis on TPE and then watch your game and focus on how YOU can EARN MORE ICE TIME!

“We could not be more excited to provide this opportunity to our players.  We think TPH IQ is a differentiator for our student-athletes at the Center of Excellence and impact players development who are not in the Center of Excellence as well!”  Added Bowen.

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