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Michigan International Prep School Joins TPH-Edmentum Partnership

Total Package Hockey is pleased to announce that Michigan International Prep School (MIPS) will become its primary school partner for the state of Michigan, beginning in the 2019-2020 school year.  Michigan International Prep School (MIPS) is accredited by the Michigan Department of Education and has earned NCAA accreditation for the student-athletes it serves.  MIPS was founded by three proven, visionary leaders with an exemplary record of success in the field of blended education.  Collectively, they have over 40 years of experience in virtual education.  MIPS has serviced some families in the Detroit Center of Excellence for the past two years and will now become the primary school partner for TPH’s two Michigan-based Centers of Excellence in Bloomfield Township and Grand Rapids.

“We are delighted to work alongside MIPS and our academic platform provider and partner Edmentum to continue to create a unique, one-of-a-kind learning experience for our student-athletes,” TPH CEO Nathan Bowen said.  “As we went through the process of evaluating potential school partners for next school year, we were most impressed by MIPS’ desire to go above and beyond in providing value to our student-athletes.  They put the needs of students first and share in our mission of exceeding expectations of student-athletes and their families.”

TPH’s combined partnerships with Edmentum and MIPS will offer its student-athletes a fully individualized learning experience.  Student-athletes will study virtually on a customized learning platform built for TPH by Edmentum.  The teachers are primarily focused on servicing student-athletes across all Centers of Excellence and teach virtually via live lessons while interacting with student-athletes via phone, text, instant messaging and Zoom video conferencing.  MIPS will add another layer to the learning experience for TPH’s Michigan-based student-athletes, by providing academic and technical support throughout the day and evening to accommodate the individual’s athletic demands.  TPH will continue to provide on-site support within all of its Centers, completing the CoE learning experience.

“The educational team at MIPS is excited to have a new partnership with Total Package Hockey,” MIPS Superintendent Drew Hulbert said.  “With our student-parent service model, the transition for TPH student athletes and their parents will be seamless.  Our educational model and attention to detail in ensuring the success of our students ties in well with TPH’s training model in preparing future collegiate Division I students, hockey players and/or NHL players.”

Hulbert went on to state that like Edmentum, MIPS develops Educational Development Plans based on the individual student’s talents, interests, motivations, goals, schedules and needs.  Nathan Bowen believes that the like-mindedness of MIPS and Edmentum will provide a learning experience unrivaled by any other hockey or sports academy across the country.

“TPH has always prided itself on building relationships and forming partnerships with people, groups and organizations who share our passion for positively impacting the lives of student-athletes,” Bowen said.  “When we talk to our partners with Edmentum, we feel like we are talking to our new partners with MIPS, and when we communicate with MIPS, we hear the same values Edmentum expresses to us.  TPH, Edmentum and MIPS all look forward to a long partnership governed by the principle of making the greatest possible positive impact on our student-athletes.”

MIPS Superintendent Drew Hulbert will be present at TPH’s upcoming informational open house at the Grand Rapids Center of Excellence on Tuesday, March 19 at 7:00 PM at Southside Ice Arena.  Drew will be presenting in-depth on MIPS’ role in the Study component of the CoE motto of Study-Train-Play.  In addition, Drew will be on-site at TPH’s Center of Excellence in Bloomfield Township on Monday, March 25 at 7:00 PM to lead a similar presentation for families of current and future CoE attendees.

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