Jamie Candee

Edmentum CEO Jamie Candee Ranked in Top 25 Education Software CEOs of 2019

The Software Report is delighted to announce The Top 25 Education Software CEOs of 2019. The following individuals represent excellence in the field of education technology and organizational leadership. Many of the awardees have demonstrated a deep commitment to the education and training sector and a passion for improving learning outcomes in local, global and corporate areas. Just as important, these CEOs are superb leaders who inspire their teams day in and day out and who can navigate the complex from executing market expansion strategies to undertaking multiple acquisition integrations.

Thank you to all those who submitted nominations on behalf of their CEO, your insights are invaluable in forming a clearer picture of an executive’s capabilities.

Please join us in congratulating this year’s awardees.

2. Jamie Candee, Edmentum

Before she was CEO, Jamie Candee had built her career step by step as she took on various roles in the Edmentum organization. In 2005, she started her career with the ed-tech company in their human resources department. From there, she moved on to serve as Director of Sales and Service Effectiveness, followed by VP of Product Development, and then SVP of Sales and Marketing before she became Chief Revenue Officer in 2012.

Candee took some time away from the ed-tech organization to step into her first chief executive officer role with Questar Assessment, a provider of educational assessment programs. During her three-year tenure as CEO, she led efforts to develop IT training and mentorship programs for Minnesota students through her partnerships within the business community. In 2017, she returned to Edmentum to serve as CEO of the online education provider.

Candee is well known for both her drive and passion for education technology. In a 2017 interview, she shared some of her early experiences with working her way to the top. “I was 21 and told my manager (I was in banking at the time) that I wanted to run a company as CEO. He told me I was aiming too high. From that moment, I crafted my plan and relentlessly focused on achieving that outcome. To run an education technology company as CEO is my absolute dream.”

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