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Celebrating our #TPHTrained captains

Total Package Hockey takes pride in helping our student-athletes develop more than just their hockey skills.

Whether they have attended our TPH Centers of Excellence, played for our teams or attended our wide array of training programs, our #TPHTrained players learn about what it takes to be a leader for their team.

That’s why we keep track of how many of our players wear letters on the fronts of their jerseys. Serving as a captain for your team is both a responsibility and an honor, and we are proud of the #TPHTrained players who act as leaders for their teammates on and off the ice.

A total of 61 #TPHTrained players have served as captains for their respective professional, college or junior team. Twenty-seven of those have worn the ‘C’ as captain, while 34 more have worn an ‘A’ as assistant captains.

“We always strive to help our players grow more than just their hockey skill set,” said TPH CEO Nathan Bowen. “We push our coaches, mentors, teachers and trainers to help cultivate the leadership qualities we know we have in our #TPHTrained athletes, and we’re always proud when we see our players serving as a captain for their teams.”





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