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26 #TPHTrained Players Invited to 2018 NHL Team Development Camps

The Total Package Hockey staff is proud to congratulate the 26 #TPHTrained players who have received invitations to 2018 NHL team development camps this summer.

“Whether they were drafted by their respective organizations or they received free-agent invitations, these are prestigious opportunities for these players, and well-earned honors,” said TPH CEO Nathan Bowen. “With these camp invites, they get to compete against some of the best players in the world while receiving elite training and education.  This is why our entire team does what we do – to see young men take another step toward achieving the ultimate dream of playing in the National Hockey League.

“This is also an awesome milestone to reach for all of TPH team members, all of the countless hours our coaches commit and to TPH director of player development Brandon Naurato, who has us on the cutting edge of skill development. He sees the game unlike anyone I have spent time with and spends time everyday researching, trying out and implementing new concepts that all TPH student-athletes can take advantage of.”

The TPH curriculum has been built for dedicated student-athletes who love to compete every day. Naurato, who leads TPH in player development, was invited to assist with the Detroit Red Wings’ development camp, giving him first-hand knowledge of the experience these players are receiving.

“It doesn’t get much better than this for summer training and summer hockey,” Naurato said. “Players are competing for opportunities and spots with organizations, which means it’s top-notch competition for these guys. At the same time, everybody is here to learn and improve and connect; it makes for a unique and fun stretch of time for the players and the staffs at each of these development camps. We’re incredibly proud of the TPH-trained guys who are attending these camps, and we know they’re setting themselves up for even more success.”


The #TPHTrained players at NHL camps:


Drew Hunter – Toronto Maple Leafs – Eight Week Progression Program

Marcus Crawford – Detroit Red Wings – Eight Week Progression Program

Sam Miletic – Pittsburgh Penguins – Eight Week Progression Program

Griffin Luce – Buffalo Sabres – Eight Week Progression Program

Tony Calderone – Dallas Stars – Eight Week Progression Program

Luke Morgan – Detroit Red Wings – Eight Week Progression Program

Jake Slaker – Las Vegas Golden Knights- Eight Week Progression Program

Nick Boka – Minnesota Wild – Eight Week Progression Program

Brenden Warren – Philadelphia Flyers – Eight Week Progression Program

Colin Larkin – Edmonton Oilers – Eight Week Progression Program

Ben Schultheis – Anaheim Ducks – Thunder AAA alum and Eight Week Progression Program

Will MacKinnon – Pittsburgh Penguins – TPH CoE

Mitchell Fossier – Boston Bruins – Thunder AAA alum, Eight Week Progression Program

Zach Solow – Florida Panthers – Thunder AAA alum

Cooper Marody – Edmonton Oilers – Eight Week Progression Program

Mitch Eliot – Carolina Hurricanes – Thunder AAA alum, Eight Week Progression Program

Eamon McAdam – New York Islanders – OHL Cup

Luke Martin – Carolina Hurricanes – Eight Week Progression Program

Cole Krygier – Florida Panthers – TPH CoE, Eight Week Progression Program

Christian Krygier – New York Islanders – Eight Week Progression Program

Jonathan Gruden – Ottawa Senators – Eight Week Progression Program

Paul Cotter – Las Vegas Golden Knights – Eight Week Progression Program

Cooper Zech – Washington Capitals – Eight Week Progression Program

Jack Studnicka – Boston Bruins – Eight Week Progression Program, OHL Cup

Blade Jenkins – New York Islanders – TPH CoE, Eight Week Progression Program

Bode Wilde – New York Islanders – TPH CoE

Alec Regula – Detroit Red Wings – OHL Cup, Michigan Hockey Advancement

Renars Krastenbergs – Pittsburgh Penguins – Thunder AAA alum


ABOUT TPH: Founded in 2001, Total Package Hockey is a hockey service provider with the vision to become the world leader in positively impacting the lives of student-athletes through the game of hockey.  TPH prides itself on operating at a standard that exceeds expectations of players, families, coaches, advisors and all other entities of the hockey world, one choice at a time. Our staff is committed to providing positive, energetic, hands-on instruction and mentorship, in an effort to develop each individual on and off the ice.  If each individual develops as a player, athlete and person, he or she will be better prepared to advance to the highest levels of junior, collegiate and professional hockey, while learning the skills necessary for success in the ultimate game: the game of life.





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