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Center of Excellence Detroit

Center of Excellence: Study, Train, Play!

The Center of Excellence is a focused environment where dedicated student-athletes learn to study, train and play to their fullest potential.  

With five locations across four states, our environment combines proven, accredited online learning with hands-on, innovative on and off-ice hockey training and instruction in an attempt to positively impact each individual and advance him or her to the highest levels in hockey, and  more importantly, in life.  


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Applying to the Center of Excellence 

Click here to apply to the Center of Excellence, which is step one in the formal registration process.  Once your application is accepted, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions.  


Study to Your Potential

... Academics at the COE ...


The TPH Center of Excellence offers flexible and personalized learning, certified teachers, a standards-aligned curriculum, state-of-the-art technology, a secure easy-to-use online learning system and an extensive selection of electives and clubs to create an individualized alternative to the traditional classroom.

The award-winning curriculum includes AP courses, foreign languages, core academics and more.  Among the engaging electives offered will be Juilliard eLearning, online music courses developed exclusively with the famed conservatory.  Experienced Learning Coaches will provide on-site support to help guide students through the school’s comprehensive online curriculum.


• All Connections Academy core high school courses are approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

• Students can be accepted to nearly every major college and university .

• Offers NCAA eligible courses in English, science, social science, math and foreign languages.




Connections Academy
We are proud to partner with Connections Academy to provide learning that is:


Innovative...  A powerful online platform that combines engaging lessons, expert teaching and easy-to-use technology for a rewarding school experience.


Connected... Student-athletes connect with peers, certified teachers and educational resources for a diverse classroom.


Individualized... Curriculum and pacing options are customized to support the goals of each student-athlete on the path to success.


K12 International Academy


After careful consideration, leadership at Total Package Hockey (TPH) has decided to partner with K12 International Academy as their preferred private school academic provider. TPH and K12 have joined forces to provide a second to none academic offering, utilizing K12 teachers, counselors, enrollment specialists, and academic coordinators. Together we have created a flexible academic model structured to allow students to compete at an elite level both physically and academically.


K12 International Academy (iCademy) is a program of K12 Inc., a leader in the growing field of online learning – using the web and a unique classroom environment to provide individual attention and academic support.


TPH will be supplementing K12 International Academy’s comprehensive instructional model by integrating individualized onsite support with the online curriculum to provide a rigorous college-preparatory experience that meets and/or exceeds state and national standards.


Students benefit from a rich and challenging curriculum, one-on-one instruction by certified teachers, dedicated academic advisors, college counselors, and full technical support provided by K12. TPH student-athletes are able to gain a private-school education with the flexibility of learning virtually anywhere, at any time.  As a fully-accredited and NCAA-approved private school, K12 International Academy graduates have received admissions into highly competitive universities across the nation, including George Washington University, Harvard University, Brown University, Dartmouth, Cornell, University of Miami, CalTech, University of Michigan, Duke, John Hopkins, Berklee School of Music, Vanderbilt, The United States Military Academy and more.


K12 International Academy Overview


The curriculum at iCademy, developed by highly knowledgeable and experienced educators, provides a full complement of courses in language arts, math, science and social studies, and a rich selection of electives, such as world languages, technology, and fine arts, all delivered through an online environment that can be accessed where ever there's an internet connection. Each course has multiple lessons with objectives, exercises, assignments, quizzes, and tests, with offline materials such as textbooks provided.  In addition to an assigned teacher for each course, the student will work with an advisor who will monitor their ability to stay on track and keep up with assignments.  Grading consists of auto-graded assignments and teacher graded assignments. 


All full-time Rise Prep students are eligible to receive TPH discounted tuition only by contacting Francesca Berchiolli directly at or 703-483-7036. Parents or students who enroll without contacting Francesca directly will not be eligible for discounted tuition.


Train to Your Potential

... Off-Ice Training and Athlete Development ...

Total Package Hockey believes that a polished, well-rounded athlete makes a better hockey player.  We subscribe to the belief that a successful hockey player must have the strength of a football player, and the fast-twitch quickness of a track runner. 


While dedicating a minimum of forty-five minutes, four days per week in the weight room, the COE off-ice training curriculum is designed to improve each athlete's strength, speed, agility, balance, coordination  and overall athleticism.  


... Leadership and Personal Growth ...


Successful hockey players must embrace what it means to do things the right way.  An elite athlete understands how to sleep right, eat right, train right, practice right, play right and most importantly, live right.


The Center of Excellence leadership program has been created to educate each individual on what it means to do things the right way.  Utilizing nine pillars and core principles, Francis Anzalone, Vice-President, The TPH Way, leads our student-athletes through a 30 week journey in an effort to provide each individual with the tools he/she needs to be successful as a hockey player, athlete and person.  


Play to Your Potential
... On-Ice Training and Instruction at the COE ...

The Center of Excellence on-ice curriculum is organized in a four phase progression that provides repetitions in skating, shooting, stick skills and situational blends.  Athletes spend a minimum of four hours per week on-ice.     

Phase one is strictly foundational and emphasizes proper technique and mechanics for skating stride and edges, as well as stationary shooting, passing skills, eye/hand coordination and puck handling. 


As phases progress, so too does the amount of pressure and level of multi-tasking.  Emphasis is placed on overall skills as well as position-specific skills for forwards and defensemen.  


Goaltenders face adequate shots during each phase and also develop under the tutelage of a goalie coach who utilizes the recently defined TPH/COE goaltending curriculum.  


Center of Excellence Location

The Detroit Center of Excellence is housed in two locations:


Arctic Edge Ice Arena

46615 Michigan Avenue

Canton, MI  48188


Viking Arena

1555 East Woodward Heights Boulevard

Hazel Park, MI  48030


Detroit Center of Excellence Staff


Director of Hockey
Brandon Naurato

(734) 564-8395, cell


  • 6th year with Total Package Hockey.  Also serves as the Director of Player Development for all of TPH.   
  • Played two seasons in the USHL for the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders and the Omaha Lancers; four seasons at the University of Michigan; parts of four seasons at the 'AA' professional level in the CHL, IHL and ECHL.  
  • Head Coach of the U18 Michigan Hockey Advancement TPH high school select tournament team.  
  • Married with two children.  

Director of Operations
Rick Gadwa

(810) 923-5393, cell


  • 2nd year with Total Package Hockey.  Also serves as the Assistant Coach for the U18 Michigan Hockey Advancement TPH high school tournament team.  
  • Graduated from Davenport University and enjoyed a brief playing stint in the 'A' professional All-American Hockey League.   
  • Currently in his sixth season as the Head Coach at his alma mater Hartland High School.  
  • Married with two children.  

Director of Education
Kevin Hess

(248) 521-7048, cell


  • 3rd year with Total Package Hockey.  Serves as the manager for the U16 and U18 Michigan Hockey Advancement teams.  
  • Graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education from Eastern Michigan University and also holds a Masters Degree from the University of Michigan-Flint.  
  • Spent 14 years in the Science department at Orchard Lake St. Mary's Preparatory School.  
  • Presently in his 14th season with OHL Central Scouting and is also in his 4th season as a Regional Scout for NHL Central Scouting.  
  • Married with one child.  

Support Staff


Player Development Coach & Mentor.....  Jimmy McGroarty
Player Development Coach & Mentor.....  Damian Surma
Player Development Coach & Mentor.....  Matt Larke
Director of Goaltending.....  Karel Popper

Goaltending Instructor.....  Erik Schardt
Success Coach.....  Sandra Laird


Applying to the Center of Excellence 

Click here to apply to the Center of Excellence, which is step one in the formal registration process.  Once your application is accepted, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions.